Raymond Bellour (France, 1939- )
Critic and theorist of literature and film, Raymond Bellour is a senior researcher at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and conducts a seminar at the University of Paris. He was one of the founders of the French film review Trafic, to which he contributes regularly on both film and video. He has edited several key film anthologies, including Le cinéma américain (1980) and Le Western (1966). His study L'Entre-Images : Photo, Cinéma, Vidéo (1990) analyzes the passages between images and the video image's power of transformation: "Between photo, film, video, the inter-image space (l'entre-images) is a passageway. The place where images pass today." Bellour also served as co-curator with Christine Van Assche and Catherine David of the well-known "Passages de l'image" exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1990. His most recent work is an essai on Chris Marker's CD-ROM Imemory (1997).
Bibliography of works available in English translation: Eye for I: Video Self-Portraits (New York: Independent Curators Inc., 1989). With Laurent Roth, Qu'est-ce qu'une madeleine? A propos du CD-ROM Immemory de Chris Marker (Brussels and Paris: Yves Gevaert Editeur/Centre Georges Pompidou, 1997, bilingual French/English).
Edited works: With Elisabeth Lyon, "Unspeakable Images", Camera Obscura 24 (1991). Jean-Luc Godard: son + image (New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1992).